Wolfe & Libertad

Performance art
Contemporary dance
Projection mapping
Motion capture
Wolfe & Libertad is part of Laisvie Andrea Ochoa's artistic research for her Master of Choreography study at Codarts/Fontys. I'm involved in the creation process of the live video projection mappings used during the performance of this dance.
The piece was first performed on July 2, 2019, at Theater Rotterdam Witte de With as part of the #1 COMMA festival.
Wolfe & Libertad explores the relationship between the digital presence (Wolfe) and live presence (Libertad) of the dancer. In the dance, the body is a shared territory for movement and image. Projection surfaces are formed on stage by the dancer's body.
Projection surfaces on stage are detected using the infrared depth-sensing capabilities of a Microsoft Kinect. I've developed an openFrameworks app which translates raw depth data of the Kinect to stills or live video frames that can be used as a mask layer for the projection. By applying minimum and maximum depth thresholds, it's possible to filter out surfaces at specific positions on stage. The generated mask layer is shared via Syphon which is used live by Laisvie as a mask layer in Modul8.
Using infrared lighting for surface detection gives Laisvie the ability to generate mark layers on the fly, even when the stage is pitch black. During the development of the piece, this ability was required for a scene where the dancer would crumple a big piece of paper in the dark. This big crumpled paper ball formed by the dancer became a projection surface with an unpredictable shape and size.
Screenshot of the openFrameworks app while creating a mask layer for the dancer on stage: