Installation art
Festival In Vervoering, Utrecht (NL)
Niels Janssen
Assia Kraan
Tandem is a mobile interactive installation built in collaboration with Assia Kraan. The installation could be found at the 2011 edition of festival In Vervoering in Utrecht (NL) amidst singer-songwriters and poets performing on small mobile stages such as horse carriages, caravans, cargo bikes, and boats.
The tandem brings curious people together. You can only guess what the people on the bike are experiencing. So, you and your friend also get on the bike, put on the headphones hanging from the handlebars, and start pedaling. The rotation of the wheel powers the installation that now starts playing music through the headphones.. in slow motion. When you pedal faster, the music becomes much clearer, and you recognize the song!
The installation is built around a 1937 Gazelle tandem which is fixed in place on rollers. The source of the music playing on the headphones is a Sony Walkman cassette player controlled by an Arduino.
The Arduino determines the pedaling speed by reading the 6V AC current originating from a dynamo attached to the rotating rear wheel. The music playback speed is controlled by an algorithm that varies the average DC voltage applied to the walkman’s motor using PWM signals from the Arduino.